BC Centre for Disease Control:

This website has useful resources specific to vaccine recommendations for people living with diabetes (link), as well as information regarding prenatal care and need for good nutrition during pregnancy (link). 

BC Children’s Hospital Endocrinology & Diabetes Unit:

BC Dairy Association (recipes):

Canadian Food Inspection Agency:

This website has a Industry Labeling Tool that provides consolidated, reorganized and expanded labeling information. Information you can find include: Nutrition Facts Table, List of Ingredients, Allergen Declarations and Gluten Sources, Date Marking, Country of Origin Claims - Where is it from?, Composition Claims - What is it made of?, Nutrition Claims – Food recalls, Safe Food Handling and how to read food labels. 

Diabetes Canada:

This is a website that provide information, resources and support to people at risk for or living with diabetes, their caregivers and health care professionals.  

Dietetians of Canada:

This is a website that provides information and resources to the general public and health care professionals about the dietetics profession and nutrition.  

Healthlink BC:

Heart and Stroke Foundation:


This is a patient-friendly website, especially for newly-diagnosed Type 1 patients. 

Joslin Diabetes Centre: 

Joslin is a global leader in diabetes education and research affiliated with Harvard Medical School. The website offers information for patients with diabetes and available research projects. 

Medline Plus Diabetes:

This is a USA site with very good information on all aspects of diabetes care and a section on relevant journal articles

My eHealth:

National Institute of Diabetes & Digestive & Kidney Diseases: 

This is an US website with information on different aspects of diabetes, specifically it includes a section on diabetes and pregnancy. 

PAL (Physical Activity Line):


QuitNow BC:

USDA Nutrient Database: