This program provides the opportunity for pregnant women who have been diagnosed with gestational diabetes to learn about how to self-manage their condition in an interactive and supportive group setting, along with individualized support from health care professionals.

Topics discussed include:  

  • What is gestational diabetes?
  • Ketones
  • Testing for ketones and blood sugar
  • Exercise
  • Effects of food on blood sugars
  • Meal planning
  • Glycemic Index
  • Label reading
  • Sugar substitutes
  • Calcium/iron/protein needs (or other nutrient needs)


The gestational program takes place every Friday morning.

The class is now taught via zoom - you will get instructions when your class is booked.

After participants have attended the class, they will be scheduled for a follow-up appointment for the following Tuesday, where they will speak with a nurse and dietitian to track progress. Further follow-up appointments can be scheduled on an as-needed basis.