How do I adjust my insulin or diabetes pills when crossing time zones?

These situations need to be assessed individually. You should contact your health care provider for guidance.

Am I able to fly with insulin and needles?

You should get a doctor’s letter describing your diabetes treatment and medications and supplies you are carrying. Do not pack insulin in your checked baggage as it can freeze in the cargo hold.  

Additional travel medical options for people with diabetes:  

What are some nutrition tips while traveling?

It’s always a good idea to be prepared for the unexpected (e.g., no food provided on planes, delays, cost, and availability). Therefore, it’s important to bring snacks with you on your trip. 

A good snack would consist of a carbohydrate and protein. A few examples include: 

  • a balanced cereal bar (<10 g sugar, >3 g fibre and about 7 g protein, per bar)
  • nuts and whole grain crackers
  • a meat or cheese sandwich

Also, hydration is key so be sure to carry a water bottle (but remember: it will need to be empty to clear Customs if you’re flying). Once you arrive at your destination, try to stick to good meal planning (proper spacing and balance) in order to keep your blood sugars well-controlled during your trip.