Should I take my insulin or diabetes pills when I am sick?

A bad cold, flu or serious injury can make it more difficult to control your blood sugars. If you are able to eat and drink fluids as usual, you should continue taking your insulin or diabetes pills. However, in the case of dehydration there may be some medications you should temporarily stop. Please see this link from Diabetes Canada for more information:

Stay Safe When You Have Diabetes and Are Sick or at Risk of Dehydration

It is important to test your blood glucose at least four times a day during illness or injury and contact your doctor with any concerns.

How should I eat when I am ill?

If you can continue your regular diabetes diet, do so even if your blood sugars are higher than normal. It’s not uncommon for blood sugars to rise when you are sick. If you cannot tolerate your regular diet, do your best to ensure you are getting at least some carbohydrates, in whatever form you can tolerate.

For instance, if you all can handle are clear fluids, it is acceptable to have drinks such as regular pop and juice in order to give you the energy to fight off the illness. As you are able to tolerate more, incorporate low fibre and low fat foods, such as white bread/pasta, chicken, applesauce, banana, etc. Progress to your regular diet as you’re able.